Fun, Flirty, Affordable

At the heart of Cookie’s Clothing is one simple idea: that EVERY woman deserves to look her best.

That one thought is how our founder, Christina Cook Springmeier, decided to jump into the world of internet-based retail. Inspired by breezy island looks, Cookie Clothing offers the best fashion from the world’s top designers at prices anyone can afford!


Online Store, Runway Glam

Because we operate primarily online, we’re able to keep our overhead costs low. Without worrying about taking care of multiple physical storefronts, we’re able to focus all of our energy on finding the best in cutting-edge, current fashion. And, as a bonus, we’re able to save a great deal of money on rent, employees, and other costs that factor into a physical store.

And where do those savings go? To you, of course! Unlike other “affordable fashion” retailers who boast designer brands but only carry out-of-season styles, we never carry anything that’s low quality or out-of-date. Instead, we transfer the money that we save by being online-focused into providing the latest fashions at super-affordable prices.


About Our Founder

Christina isn’t just passionate about fashion–she was practically born on the runway! Her parents, Howard and Darcy Cook, were the original co-founding partners of Bebe and Bebe Sport. After a life of being taught well by the very best in the industry, her discerning eye for the latest, cutting-edge fashion is one of Cookie’s Clothing’s greatest strengths.

Now she’s using her skills to bring her vision of a retailer that truly understands the value of offering customers the very best for less. All that’s left now is for you to get shopping!